In 1983, the Internet was born. Now, there are almost 2 billion daily active users on the internet, as confirmed by

Over the decades, website development has evolved and continues to shift rapidly. And as a website owner, you need to be aware of changing website development trends, added

Here are some of the top trends in website development this year:

    PWAs is an app that functions as a website with full-native mobile app experience, as defined by It communicates with clients as a native app and runs independently.

    As per the list of, here are the favorable changes the PWA technology brought for business and users:

    • Seamless installation
    • Saving device storage and power
    • Lessened support and development expenses
    • Smooth updating and maintenance
    • Faster launch to the market
    • More flexible distribution

    AI chatbots are expected to become even more sophisticated in meeting the needs and matching the behavior of users by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing and information retrieval techniques, according to

    AI-enabled chatbots can collect data, answer frequently asked questions and solve other issues – thereby providing customers with seamless digital experiences with a company.

    People are always in a hurry. So, it’s about quick finds and fast searches. Netizens would rather speak a few words into their phone than type it. The answer would be voice control.

    Aside from “Hey, Google”, we can also see this trend dictating a whole new wave of products, mentioned In fact, all smart home devices and office assistants or Siris and Alexas are all based on voice control and listening to commands. And under this influence, believes that many sites and web applications will also follow suit.

    The dark mode is more eye friendly and commands a certain attitude. Dark-themed websites don’t need brightness and thus reduce battery drainage, noted They give off a stylish UI design with all the other appealing features.

    Tech giants were the first to try this mode – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Reddit. And this can be one of the top emerging trends this year.

    The concept of cryptocurrencies appeared in 2004 and we must expect a lot from this web development technology in 2022 and onwards, according to

    Globally, there are almost 80 million blockchain wallet users at the end of November, 2021, added Blockchain is safe and secure from technical errors and hacking. That explains its popularity and potential.
Staying on top of web development trends can help you ensure your website is consistently attracting and delighting visitors and possible clients. This might be your ticket to something great. So, keep on exploring!