Of course, technical skills and expertise are the initial requirements to land an IT job. But other than those abilities, you also need to have the right attitude, perspective and other abilities.

1. Communication
According to indeed.com, strong communication skills are important in nearly every aspect of life, especially in the workforce. This is an important and universal skill that will help you positively interact with your colleagues as you assist and interact with others about technology-related concepts.

2. Resourcefulness
We can’t always have the resources that we need. But with creativity and the right attitude to look for what’s realistic, we can still accomplish things. As per indeed.com, knowing what resources you have and how to use them is a great skill to have as an IT professional. You might be time constraint and with limited budget but having the right resources and enough resilience, you can overcome obstacles. You can still achieve your project goals.

3. Curiosity
Too much curiosity might kill the cat. But a sufficient amount of it can lead you to something spectacular, even groundbreaking. According to comptia.org, curiosity about the inner workings of devices will get you far in IT.

Soft skills matter in an IT career. These skills can make you an efficient and valued employee. Being a well-rounded IT professional is not an easy goal to achieve. But it’s not impossible.