These days, people could not live without mobile phones and other gadgets. It seems, social media and some other apps are important parts of our daily routine.

As a footnote, IT security shouldn’t be confused with cybersecurity. While they share common goals of protecting people, devices and data, both fields have specialized roles and responsibilities. As per, information technology uses computer networks, hardware and software to store and share digital information. While cybersecurity focuses more narrowly on protecting computer systems, digital devices and data from unauthorized access.

There are applications that really help us do our tasks and make our lives more comfortable but we still should not make technology the center of our lives. There has to be a certain limit to avoid any negative impact. Because as per, while technology makes our lives easier in many ways, technology and social media have also created new kinds of stress.

Here’s a list of our suggestions to somehow manage your use of technology:

  1. Sleep Soundly Without the Notifications

    Defend your sleep. Not only notifications are tempting to check, also – a variety of studies have shown that smartphone use at night can interfere with the quality of your sleep. According to, researchers believe that’s partly due to the fact that phones and other tech devices emit “blue light” which affects the production of the sleep-related hormone melatonin.

  2. Use Social Media Wisely

    Some research has suggested a link between social media and depression. Of course, you can use social media to your advantage by getting active and engaged and by getting the knowledge and information you need. But comparing yourself to others, as well – believing and spreading fake news are not healthy habits.

  3. One Has to Be Where One Is At

    Digital technology and social media can make you stay in touch with the world. But it’s ironic that this same tool can distract you from having personal interactions with people you’re with in real life. As per the experts’ advice – live your life! Not only manifested through your digital presence, but more importantly – the people you’re with, personally.

  4. Manage Expectations

    Tell your friends, coworkers, parents, boss and other people who need to know what your technology schedule is. If you plan not answer work related emails on weekend, inform your supervisors about this personal rule. If you can’t take personal calls during office hours, tell your parents about this restriction. Reminded by, you won’t enjoy the benefits of being offline if you’re dealing with frustrated family members and coworkers.

    Discipline – that’s the operative word. And similar to other things, use technology with moderation and to your advantage. Needless to say – manage your use of technology.