Today, as everyone strives to make a living it is important to understand what career move is best to maintain a lifestyle and be successful like everyone else wants to be. Since we were young, a career of choice is very important. From toys to books, from schools to training programs our choices are aligned for us to be better and prepare us for our chosen career path. Instances such as obtaining certificates and career shifting are signs that we continuously grow as a professional and we want to further work on our career development. One of the promising careers of today is related to IT (Information Technology).

According to, one of the biggest platforms in job hunting, Software and Web Developers are one of the top careers that one can look into. Not just because of its promising salary, but because technology keeps on developing every year, and from the looks of it its continuous rise is unstoppable. Who would think that our daily needs will be available in just a single click. Information and entertainment is right in your palms through the available devices that the majority can access and afford. All of these are because of the big contribution of IT professionals.

In IT Americano, we welcome talented professionals in this field to further contribute to the company’s goal of providing the best services to our customers. We have career opportunities that will not just allow you to work with some of the IT experts from different industries, but also will give you a chance to connect with our international clients that will help you more in developing your career.

Our team is composed of experienced web developers that are knowledgeable in MySQL, PHP, Laravel, Lumen and VueJs. We continuously grow with some of the best IT professionals in the business. Check out our career page to further look into what’s in-store for you. From simple to complex projects, we’re always in the effective methods.