Love is a tricky word. And when it comes to job hunting, the puzzling thoughts still apply.

Here’s the question – how do you find that job that you love? Here are some tips that can come handy whenever you need the advice:

  1. Start with self-awareness

    Before you choose one career over another, you must have a clear understanding of who you are, your values in life, and what motivates you to get out of bed each morning.

    The sad reality is that a lot of people have endured a bad job for so long that they have forgotten their original goals for employment.

    It can seem overwhelming to begin digging alone but sitting down and asking yourself these questions is a smart place to start. There are a ton of tools at your disposal to lighten the load and improve your self-awareness.

    When it comes to being aware of your emotional and physical needs, meditation may help. And a personality test may also be something to think about.

    You shouldn't let these findings replace your true guts and instinct on what you really want. However, they open up new doors for you into parts of yourself that you were previously unaware of.

  2. Identify your professional hero

    Whose career would you most want to aspire to, out of everyone you know, either personally or in your wider frame of reference (from your dermatologist to Oprah or any superstar)? If you want to know more about how she got to where she is, get in touch with her. If that's not possible, read as much as you can about her life and work.

  3. Gain real-world experience and qualifications

    If you want to change occupations, you'll probably need to put in extra work outside of your regular working hours.

    Volunteer or intern at businesses where you may provide your time and knowledge in exchange for the chance to learn more about a sector. Alternately, a variety of credentials might raise your status in a given industry.

    A night school or online course would be excellent ways to advance.

    You can also join groups with people of the same likes and inclinations. It's always beneficial to begin dipping your toes into pertinent networks of people and stay up to date with the business.

  4. Get your personal brand out there

    Rebrand yourself by updating your social media profiles, cover letter, and CV to reflect your new professional objectives and to draw attention to your most recent accomplishments.

    Make sure each position for which you apply has a personal brand that is genuine, consistent, and customized. You should be your only brand.

  5. Just do it!

    In the end, unless you actually bite the bullet, you won't really know what you love to do. It's basically just conjecture unless you try it. Thus, roll up your sleeves and get to work, whether you start small by enrolling in a class or go all in on your own business. The only way to find out is to try.

Work may feel awful right now, but it won't always feel that way.

You'll feel a little less suffocated if you can classify your employment as a stepping stone rather than a jail time. You'll have more mental space after that to pursue employment.

Additionally, it demonstrates to the prospective employer that you are dependable and capable of repaying their investment.