With the accessibility of technological gadgets and the internet, one of the greatest dangers confronting today's companies is cybercrime. Each year brings a new high in both the frequency and severity of hacking assaults. It might be confusing to know what to do if hackers target your company or workers. What to do if your company is hacked? That's what this article is for.

  1. Try to control the situation

    After a data breach is discovered, the first order of business is to identify the affected servers and prevent the spread of the infection to other systems. Some quick actions you may do to try to stop a data breach in its tracks is to turn off your network connection, update your firewall settings and other fixes for security issues, and create new passwords.

  2. Investigate what happened

    After doing the basic fixes, you need to know what caused the breach. It might have been a simple oversight on someone's part or a carefully planned attempt to hack your systems. Regardless, a forensic analysis of your systems and procedures is needed. This will help your company in identifying and protecting against any vulnerabilities. If you don't know or have anyone to do it, you may hire an outside expert to assist you figure out what went wrong.

  3. Address the problem

    Controlling and investigating the situation are necessary but that won't completely fix the problem. You have to restore your data from its most recent pre-breach backup, safeguard your systems, patch any security holes, and take down your social media and website if necessary. You should also find out if the compromised information has been leaked and published elsewhere online. Your IT and cybersecurity team can assess the damage and develop better defenses by isolating just the impacted equipment.

  4. Rebuild and recover

    After taking the necessary steps, the attacked computers or servers need rest and relaxation. All compromised systems should have the most recent clean backup installed. Having a backup of your data is essential for this next phase so that you can return to your usual operations.

  5. Prepare

    After going through a data breach, it's hard to even think about going through that experience again. But it can happen. That is why it's important to gather as much information as you can about the attack's origins and the probable motives for picking you as a target. The goal of an attack may be broken down into three categories: gaining access to data, interfering with operations, and seizing control of systems for further malicious action. You may strengthen your new security strategy by learning more about the reasons for the incident.

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